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Alianzas: Services


We operate with the highest standards of quality and social and environmental action. We are committed to the sustainable development and economic growth of Panama.

    Standards and

    better practices

    As an auxiliary maritime services company, SERVIESTIBA is built from a strict adherence to and compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the operation of stevedoring companies in Panama.

    Our priority is to meet high standards of service, punctuality and quality so that Panama continues to be a recognized logistics center in international maritime trade.

    Our decisions are based on transparency and dialogue for the benefit of the workers, the port, the country and thus guarantee the continuity of both business and transnational maritime traffic.

    We are highly committed to continue contributing to the development of the port operation so that the maritime industry continues to make important contributions to the state's gross domestic product.


    Compliance with the laws of the Republic of Panama


    Law 56, General Law of Ports of Panama of August 6, 2008, which establishes the governing norms of the activity of ports and maritime facilities that exist or are built in the Republic of Panama.

    Executive Decree No. 34, of February 26, 2007 , which establishes and approves the Comprehensive Policy for Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Waste, its principles and lines of action.

    The Technical Regulation DGNTI-COPANIT-43-2001 , on industrial hygiene and safety for atmospheric pollution in work environments.

      Law No. 6 of January 11, 2007 , which establishes the regulations on the Management of Oily Waste derived from Hydrocarbons or Synthetic-based in the National Territory.

      Waste management and

      responsible waste disposal

      The operation of the different sections of the workshop

      generate waste such as:

        Residues of

        used oils







        We also have a system for the treatment of wastewater with oil, to ensure its correct disposal in the public sewer.

        Additionally, we have special areas designated for the correct arrangement of cardboard and metal pieces.

          GESTION DE DESECHOS.jpeg

          Responsible waste disposal

          in Cristóbal and Balboa ports

          Disposición responsable de desechos en

          We carry out multiple initiatives to ensure optimal operation. An example of this are the magnets placed on tractors, which are specifically used to guarantee greater safety and eliminate risks in any industrial sector.

          They are used in the port terminal to attract unwanted metals, facilitating the work of cleaning debris from the ground, especially sharp materials such as nails or scrap metal.

          This type of debris can cause flat tires or endanger the health and physical integrity of workers due to the projections that can occur with any type of metal.

            8000 gallons

            of oil

            2700 gallons

            of filters





            24 lumps of gravel

            106 bags of

            absorbent pads

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