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Biosecurity and COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Serviestiba, S. A we have acquired the faithful commitment to provide the greatest security and protection to all our workers through the implementation of multiple security protocols.

Some of these protocols are: taking the temperature at the entrance to the port area, the daily provision of masks, alcohol-based gel, spaces for hand washing, fumigation and constant and permanent disinfection of administrative areas, as well as tractors. and common spaces for operational workers, social distancing and signaling of spaces that can be occupied according to their capacity.

We are also committed to constant training to create a culture of safety and hygiene. Additionally, we implement strict regulations for the monitoring and control of cases at the hands of our worker's clinic and our safety department.

The sum of all this has allowed us to be optimally operational, guaranteeing an excellent service and having the safety of our workers as the main pillar, even more so in this fight that has led us to constantly reinvent ourselves.

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