CSR and Training

Our pillars are:

community, job well-being and safety and training


    We maintain positive relationships with communities at risk near our ports of Balboa (Curundú) and Cristobal (Colón), actively participating through donations, community events and exchange of experiences. Our collaborators have invested their time and effort through voluntary donations and sharing with almost 2,500 children and their families in the last three years.

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    Corporate wellness

    Our work team is the center of the company. For this reason, we make sure to maintain a close relationship that allows us to ensure their well-being in an integral way, through recreational activities and recognition, where our port heroes can share and enjoy with their colleagues and families.

    Additionally, we hold employees responsible for assisting, to provide support for personal and family issues, such as the loss of a loved one or other emergencies that need to be resolved.

      Training and safety

      To ensure the integrity and health of our team, we have regular training, as well as strict protocols and controls, keeping safety as our priority.

      Training hours in Industrial Safety:










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      Magnets for waste collection

      We carry out multiple initiatives to ensure optimal operation. An example of this are the magnets placed on tractors, which are specifically used to guarantee greater safety and eliminate risks in any industrial sector.

      They are used in the port terminal to attract unwanted metals, facilitating the work of cleaning debris from the ground, especially sharp materials such as nails or scrap metal.

      This type of debris can cause flat tires or endanger the health and physical integrity of workers due to the projections that can occur with any type of metal.