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Since 2015, SERVIESTIBA is the leading company dedicated to the loading and unloading of containers and merchandise in the main ports of the Republic of Panama.

Our team of 1,300 professionals serves more than 1,900 ships a year in the ports of Cristóbal and Balboa annually, located at both ends of the Panama Canal, serving as a distribution network the Atlantic and Pacific trade routes.

This delicate work is key to continue strengthening Panama's position as a leader in international maritime trade.

Throughout history, ports have been the entry and exit points for goods to and from the rest of the world.

However, the key link in this chain is the longshoreman and port worker, who receives and loads the merchandise to the ships, ensuring that it reaches the appropriate hands correctly and also navigates to its destinations in a safe, adequate and punctual manner.

Thanks to the unsurpassed team of professionals and experts in port logistics, at SERVIESTIBA we take care of connecting and moving the merchandise that transits through Panama to the rest of the world 365 days a year.

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Strategic Alliances

At SERVIESTIBA we have 3 great key allies:

our collaborators, our clients and Panama.


    Our main ally is and always will be our human team and their families. Through an uninterrupted dialogue, continuous training, strengthening of security measures and monitoring of your needs, we ensure your well-being and commitment to our purpose and to Panama.

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      We provide services to one of the leading global companies in investment, development and port operations on all continents and the most important ports in the world. With the highest standards of quality, work and social and environmental action, this company is committed to the sustainable development and economic growth of Panama.


        The important work that SERVIESTIBA carries out is crucial to maintain and strengthen Panama's position as a leader in international maritime trade.

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